A Tanzanian retreat that makes you feel home deep into nature

Karibusana welcome to Saadani River Lodge.

This lodge is a retreat from the normal hustle and bustle of life, a place where the time is kept by the gentle ebbs and flows of the river.

We are deeply passionate about the unique environment we share with the local flora and fauna and make every effort to respect it. Our lodge was created in harmonic fusion with a natural environment, rarely met anywhere in the world! The basic reason Saadani River Lodge was created, was to prevent poaching and other harmful human activities from this sensitive environment, using sustainable tourism as a tool of environmental protection.

On our web page you can virtually explore the natural beauty surrounding our lodge and find the inspiration to visit us one day.

For the moment, just keep in mind that for all of us working for Saadani River Lodge, is an honor to live on the shores of this lazy winding and unspoiled river and share quality time with some of the most astonishing creatures on earth. It would be an honor to share the same experience with you.


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