The heady mix of different ecosystems sets Saadani apart from all the national parks in Tanzania. The Blue haze of the Indian Ocean washes over Lowland coastal forests, acacia woodlands, open grasslands and mangroves. Saadani River Lodge set in the heart of the park offers an idylllic retreat to explore this most unique and distinguished destination. Here at Saadani River Lodge we offer;

  • Sea safaris
  • River boat safaris
  • Walking safaris
  • Game drives
  • Mountain bike safaris
  • Sky safari
  • Bird watching
  • Spa, massage & yoga

River Boat Safari

Explore the wonders of the famous Wami River, a paradise for bird watchers and Wildlife enthusiasts alike. Wami River is an overwhelming example of natural beauty, teeming with birdlife and wildlife.

The boat safari starts right from the lodge, as many hippos lie in front of the suites, and takes you down to the river mouth. On the way you will see families of hippos, many lazy crocodiles, fish eagles, colobus monkeys and tens of bird species.No journey on the Wami is ever the same.

Sea Safari

We have discovered a pristine atoll amid the Indian Ocean, about 20 miles from the lodge and designed a sea safari for our guests to this destination. The sand bank is visible only with low tide so departure times depend on the tides hours during the month.

With the right tide, departure time from the lodge is at 6:30 am. This is a half day activity that includes swimming and snorkeling at turquoise waters. Snorkeling equipment, refreshments and a light lunch pack are provided by the lodge. You just need to bring your sunglasses, sun protection cream and your camera!

Walking Safari

Walking outside or under the wooden walkways is strictly prohibited, due to the presence of wild animals and the possibility of flooding at the area of the lodge.

Be advised that walking on your own into the bush is not recommended if not prohibited. In case you need to explore the surrounding bush of the lodge, please check in for a walking safari with our qualified safari guide.

A walking safari in the area around our lodge is an exciting activity. Nowhere else in Tanzania can you walk through lowland coastal forest, acacia woodlands and dry river beds cooled by the Indian Ocean. The walking safari starts from the tropical forest and gets you to the coastal savannah. Our expert guide will show you the unique flora and fauna of this most intriguing area.

Highlights include walking the various animal tracks and by-ways spotting different animal prints, the uses of the tree and plants in local medicines and various surprise encounters with a myriad of animal and bird species.

Wami Sunrise & Sundowner

Wake up early and take the boat from the jetty moments before sunrise.

Enjoy the colors of the African sunrise from the serene Wami River and a hearty breakfast on a remote savannah shore upstream. On the same spot you can experience an unforgettable sundowner.



Game Drive

Saadani National Park has the distinction of being one of the last remaining protected coastal areas in Africa.You are privileged to be hosted in the only coastal National Park of East Africa!

Truly native plants have flourished providing a rich tapestry of habitats to a vibrant and abundant wildlife population. Wilderbeests, antelopes, duikers, reedbacks, zebras, giraffes and few hyenas wander the savannah plains whilst populations of Buffalo and Elephant seek solace from the heat of the sun and laze in the shade. Lions, leopards, mongoose and other predators also relax in cools pots awaiting the sun to set before embarking on their nocturnal hunting.

Game drives around the park are uniquely intimate with extremely rare encounters with other vehicles. It is important to remain quiet in the vehicles however as the animals are not used to humans and are very skittish. The best time to embark is early morning and late afternoon as the temperature is more amicable for both animals and people.

Early morning or late afternoon bird watching

Although you don’t need to go further than your room’s terrace to enjoy bird watching, a proper tour is provided in the surroundings of the lodge. Please check for a tour at the Front Desk.




Mountain bike safari

Ride a mountain bike and follow our guide to Gama village through the remote, black cotton road that crosses the coastal savannah. In the end of the 10 km adventure enjoy your breakfast on the wild before returning back to the lodge for a deserved splash in the swimming pool.

Sky Safari

Get on board an ultra-light, single engine plane and fly over the bends of Wami to the river mouth on the Indian Ocean and from the Swahili coast deep into the savannah of Saadani National Park. During the flight you can enjoy wildlife behavior from above and even try your technique on flying a plane.

SPA, Massage & Yoga

Enjoy a relaxing SPA treatment, get refreshed with a traditional Maasai or Thai massage and join our private or small group Yoga courses that we organize during the day.