The Nice Things People Say

“Dear Costa and staff, Water for Masai, Sweet water for everybody! Weíve heard and talked about your dream. Itís wonderful and inspiring, “We all breathe the same air”. Letís conserve nature so that we can let enjoy our children and animals. PS. We are sure the windmill will pump up fresh sweet water very soon for the benefit of Saadani Village. Tanapa and of course the wonderful Saadani Lodge.”

mzee Charley, Arie and Jan, The Netherlands, 23 March 2010

“Thank you for giving us such a relaxing end to our honeymoon. We chilled out beyond belief, surrounded by monkeys and the most beautiful butterflies we have ever seen! We have loved the ethos of Saadani… working with the local people and environment to create something new special that sympatically helps people in so many ways. It has been a real inspiration to us…. Thanks to Elima who was a brilliant guide… so much knowledge. We particularly loved visiting the Masai Village, learning about their customs and way of life. This relax nature made us always feel at ease Ö thank you. Good luck with everything and we hope to be back one day!”

Caroline and Jamie Buckman, 2 February 2009

“Wonderful is the word Iíve read in nearly any comment, and who am I to find out a better one… Although ‘paradise’ comes close as an alternative! We enjoyed our stay but regret it was so short. Thanks for all (the entire team)!”

Jos and Jerry, Antwerp-Belgium, 2009

“People can forget what you have told them. They can forget what you have done for them. But they will never forget how you made them feel. Thank you for everything.”

Chryssa Botou, 24 October 2009

“Paradise again! The 3rd time here. The most relaxing holiday since long. We are proud of being a for all member of the charming Saadani family. We shall come back home soon. Thank you for your cordial taking care. Asante million.”

Veronica and Rolf A. Buehler, Switzerland, 27 November 2008

“Thank you Saadani, for the absolutely PERFECT Honeymoon!! This place is magical. The staff is so helpful and caters to your every need. We loved the river safari, bush safari, walking safari and snorkeling. The guides really showed us some amazing things. Thank you so much!! We hope to see you soon. ”

Scott and Melissa Wilson, NY, October 2008