The Saadani Community

Saadani is a small fishing village that relies almost entirely upon the sea for its livelihood. Global climate change as well as advances in fishing technologies have altered the seas drastically in and around Saadani, reducing traditional catches and affecting the fabric of daily life for most.
We feel that tourism can be used here as an aid to poverty reduction by offering local people a new means of income as well as the chance to learn new skills.

Saadani Village

The community Saadani Lodge resides in is the cornerstone to our operations. We not only employ people directly from the small, fishing village but we make every effort to purchase goods from them too. It is our firm belief that socio-economic and educational progress can be made by involving the local community in this way. Furthermore we believe that well directed and sensitive tourism initiatives can be instrumental in developing grass root schemes to assist those less fortunate in the community.

A brief history of Saadani Village

Saadani is located in what is a historically very important coastal strip. To the North is Pangani where many believe the ancient trading site of Rhapta, referred to in Ptolemy’s ‘Geography’, was sited. It became important again as the main terminus for slave caravans, heading to Lake Victoria in the 19th century. Bagamoyo, to the South, became the most important town in what is now Tanzania at the same time, with 50,000 slaves shipped annually to Zanzibar. Through the 1850’s Saadani itself began to figure as an important trading post, appearing on maps from the early 19th century. In 1888 the German takeover of the region was instigated by Carl Peters, who developed a protectorate from Tanga to Dar es Salaam.

We organize a tour of the Saadani Village for our guests during of which they can experience the echoes of the past vibrate around the ancient ruins mingling with the vibrancy of local life. Among other things they will also visit the local primary school which was rebuilt by Saadani Safari Lodge, where they will be welcomed by the laughter and the smiling faces of the children. The $5 donation per person we ask for the Village tour contributes towards the local dispensary.


SANA is an acronym for Saving Africa’s Nature. SANA is a non-profit company set up to help protect areas of outstanding natural beauty and the indigenous people that reside in the area.

Saadani River Lodge supports the projects of SANA, through donations from guests, buying vegetables from the SANA bio at Matwipili and keeping a small shop for the lodge’s staff. For more information about SANA projects and information on how you can help its cause, please visit our website