The Birds

Saadani is located in a privileged position; coastline is flanked by endless native vegetation. Towards the south of the park the Wami river provides the boundary line and source to bountiful fresh water. In the hills lies one of the last remaining lowland coastal forest left in Africa, Zaraninge. All of these elements combine to provide Saadani’s native and migratory birds a sumptuous and unique backdrop in which to dwell in.

As such the National Park and surrounding areas is blessed with a huge array of bird life, ranging from the commonly viewed to the exotic and rare: Fish eagle, Black kite, Cuckoo Hawk, Lanner falcon, Lesser kestrel, Purple heron, Brown-necked parrot, Ringed plover, Long-crested eagle, Greater flamingo and many more.

The bird list provided is far from comprehensive but a useful tool to help all you budding ornithologists.

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